About Us


The Family Reading Partnership is a non-profit community organization that promotes early literacy. We are a broad-based coalition of individuals, businesses, schools, libraries and other organizations. We have joined forces to "create a culture of literacy" by promoting family reading practices throughout our community.

We know that literacy -- the ability to read, write and communicate clearly -- will define a child's future success in school and in life. We also know that literacy development, the process that brings children to reading, begins in the first years of life at home. Long before children enter school, early experiences with books build a strong foundation for learning.

We strive to incorporate family reading awareness and books into networks and services that already touch the lives of families.

Our Guiding Principles

We hope to ensure that all children enter kindergarten with the necessary language, cognitive, and early reading skills for continued success in school.

Our Community Partners

A core belief of the Family Reading Partnership is to use the networks already in place in our community to connect people with books. Our partners are essential for our success. We appreciate everyone who has been involved in our efforts.

Our Impact

Our many programs have given children books to own and families encouragement to read.

Our Board of Directors

A group of highly motivated professionals in their respective fields help the Family Reading Partnership create a culture of literacy in our own community and beyond.


Donna Homuth, President
Ron Allison, Emeritus
Melissa Church
Jacqueline Council
Peggy Dieffenbach
Maddy Dolkart
Heather Eden
Michelle Halperin
Cynthia Keck Novak
David Keefe
Don Keddell
Ellen McHugh
Mary Muse
Deborah Peterson
Ann Welch-Wood